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Ever try to search for helpful apps for ministry and devotion among the hundreds of thousands of apps? The purpose of this site is to bring to you some of the top apps people are using in their walk with Jesus. Technology can be a toy or a joy. These devices can be adpendable tool.


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Invisible Shields

Enter ZAGG's line of protective film products, including the popular invisibleSHIELD™ and ZAGGskins™ brands. The best way to provide the iPad with some much needed protection, ZAGG had their product on store shelves before the iPad was even available, leaving any competition clamoring to get their product designed, packaged and out to their customers. Shop by device.


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The screen keyboard is great until you are needing to do a lot of typing.There are some great keyboards for your iPad that are game changers when it comes to how you use your device.

I came across a great blog that will give you highlights of several choices of keyboards. To read the blog CLICK HERE. My particular favorite keyboard is the ZAGG folio.

Advanced Keyboard

The CruxSKUNK turns your iPad into a powerful laptop!!!

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